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Arctic Chalk is made with climbing grade chalk and comes in 4 oz. bottles. We have tested our product with local climbers and have created a recipe that will last longer and  keep you smelling great!

Arctic Chalk

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Arctic Chalk is a liquid chalk product made from climbing grade chalk for grip. It consists of 70% isopropryl alcohol, as the drying agent, witch hazel, to help control sweating, and peppermint oil, to keep you smelling fresh! 


    The problem with ordinary liquid chalk is that they often times remind you too much of the night before: the wretched smell of alcohol! That is why we decided to add top quality peppermint oil to make sure you are not gagging from the smell and also getting compliments from all your climbing friends!


    Just make sure to shake the bottle well before applying a small amount to your hands. The peppermint oil from Arctic Chalk will even give your hands a slight cool down so that you can send a little harder for your next big project! 

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